Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Habit Change Practitioner course made for?

This course is designed for anyone passionate about long-term change, whether that's top up-skill your own knowledge, or to work with clients to help them finally reach their goals. The Habit Change Practitioner course is great for coaches, consultants, personal trainers,dietitians, nutritionist, doctors, physiotherapists, therapists, psychologists, counsellors, teachers, managers, CEO's, and many more

What makes this course different to other habit courses?

This is by far the most comprehensive habit course available on the market. You will not only gain a deep understand of habits, you will learn multiple scientifically proven ways to change them, forever. This course is practical and interactive, so you can walk away confident in your knowledge and skills to help others achieve their goals. The other key difference between the Habit Change Practitioner course and other habit courses, is that you will receive an international accreditation for being a Habit Change Practitioner–this is a fantastic benefit for your personal marketing and brand.

Why is learning about habit change important for me and my clients?

So much of your everyday life is dictated by your habits, in fact, over 40% of everything you do is habitual. So, if you want to improve your life or help your clients reach their goals, you have to know how to effectively change habits.

Does habit change work for everyone?

Yes! No matter how old or young you are, or in what context you are using habit change (corporate or private consulting) it works! You can help your clients create new habits or break old unwanted habits.

How do I get accredited as a Habit Change Practitioner?

All you need to do to is complete the Habit Change Practitioner course and pass the post-course exam to receive the first 12-months of accreditation.

How do I stay accredited as a Habit Change Practitionerafter the first 12-months?

Your accreditation last 12-months. To remain as an accredited Habit Change Practitioner, simply renew your annual membership through the Habit Change Institute (you will receive an email when it’s time to renew your membership).

Why should I maintain my accreditation?

As an accredited member of the Habit Change Institute, you will receive ongoing training, resources and support. This ensures you are up to date with all the latest science and research and keeps you connected with other Habit Change Practitioners.

Should I do the Senior Habit Change Practitioner course?

If you are serious about taking your knowledge and skills to the next level, then YES! The Senior course will teach you how to measure habit strength so you can better understand your client’s habits and therefore work with them more effectively. You will also learn the key factors which influence habit–think of it like a cheat sheet for making habits stick. A fantastic tool for your business.

How do I add my profile to the Practitioner Directory?

The Practitioner Directory is available to all active Senior Habit Change Practitioners. Please email our team for more information.