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- Physical & emotional health 

- Coaching 

- Corporate

Brenda Flores

California, USA

Dream bigger, think differently, grow to reach your fullest potential. My passion is helping others achieve lifelong habit transformation and optimal physical, mental and emotional health. Successful Results through Coaching, Engagement, Inspiration, Caring, Attentive Tenacity.


- Physical & emotional wellbeing 

- Peak potential

David Balshaw

Melbourne, Australia

I help individuals and teams to build the right habits for productivity, peak performance and living with purpose. Using insights from habit change science I help my clients to feel better, live better and take action towards creating a life with more purpose, passion and enthusiasm.


- Mind Body Wellness 

- Goal Achievement 

- Ikigai

Dr. Linda Wilson

Melbourne, Australia

Fed up and stuck? Dr Linda Wilson supports success in 3 ways: 1. Empowering your efforts with an action plan 2. Evolving the old you mentally and emotionally 3. Energising your engagement in business and life. Individual, group, and business mentoring.


- Corporate & individual Wellness 

- Emotional Intelligence

Evelyn Szumski

Sydney, Australia

Ever heard the Phrase "creatures of habit"? It’s true but that doesn't mean your life is stuck as a result. I help professionals identify & create success habits and break unhelpful habits using this evidenced approach which effects work, emotional, health and relationship habits.


- Mindset Coaching 

- Corporate & Individual Wellness

Julie Mauger

Gold Coast, Australia

Do you have habits you want to change or reverse? Or a picture of how you’d prefer your life to be? Whatever you want to transform, with proven habit change science and caring support, I'd love to help you towards Your Best You.


- Women empowerment 

- Positive self-image

Pooja Kelkar

Melbourne, Australia

I am passionate about helping women reconnect and fall in love with themselves all over again. I support them by helping them deal with mindset habits, emotional management, and realigning their beliefs and values and out the other side feeling more empowered and in control of their lives.


- Stress-less Conscious Guided Living 

- Positive Outlook 

- Self-Image

Rebecca Fine


Rebecca is driven to help people uncover the calm self-assurance of a fulfilled and purpose led life. With an ongoing passion for elevating others, learn how to clear restrictive thinking and deploy practical habit change to instil routines that expand meaning and joy - for life!


- Leadership Peak Performance 

- Corporate Coaching 

- Sustainable Change Management

Sam D'Angelo

Gold Coast, Australia

I amplify Leaders to peak performance and help them accelerate their career trajectory. I help them become focused, effective and impactful Leaders through sustainable change management practices that will transform their lives.


- NBHWC Health Coach

- Certified Lifestyle Medicine Professional

Vanita Smith

Sydney + Online

I can help you bridge the gap between your health aspirations and daily life, using a range of evidence-based tools and support. My interest areas include Professionals & Organisations and GPs & Health Professionals.


- Corporate health 

- Lifestyle habits

Bella Reynolds

Toowoomba, Australia

I believe your habits and your beliefs dictate your health, happiness and success in life. Passionate about helping workplaces and individuals to embrace change to be their best selves using evidence-based coaching programs based on sound psychology-based principles.


- Nutrition 

- Lifestyle 

- Family habit change

Claire Robertson

Launceston, Tasmania

I work with clients wanting to change their health and lifestyle. To achieve long-term success we set small goals and repeat simple actions, creating healthy sustainable habits. Work with me, and learn to unlock the powerful potential of habits!


- Health 

- Wellness 

- Productivity

Diana McShane

Hobart, Tasmania

With a strong personal interest in fitness and health, I am passionate about improving the lives of others. My vision is to inspire and empower fulfilment in others, through the power of Habit Change. Harness your habits to serve you, not sabotage you.


- Stress Management

- Lifestyle Change

Dr. Sabrina Grant

UK and Online

I help inspire clients to reconnect with their life goals and develop positive mind-sets. As a Chartered Psychologist and academic I am passionate about helping others achieve long-lasting healthy habits through evidence based coaching.


- Mental health & well-being 

- Personal & professional development

Jenni Collins

Online, Australia

Jenni has over 20 years clinical experience as a Credentialed Mental Health Nurse. She is keen to help you achieve your life goals no matter what challenges lay ahead So, if you want to achieve sustainable lifestyle changes, I know I can help, please email me.


- Performance Consulting

- Healthy Mind & Body

- 50+ Club

Louis Brown

Chicago, USA

Over time, work and life demands usually alter our trajectory. The result is undesired habits and unhealthy living. Let's work together to help you reconnect with your desires and drive and achieve the emotional and physical transformation you prefer.


- Organizational Health & Development

- Tranformational Change

Pooran Qasimi

Canada + Online

I am passionate about empowering individuals, executives, and corporate teams to improve performance and business outcomes by positively transforming workplace culture. I help identify habits and behaviors that act as a barrier to personal/corporate growth and success.


- Female executives over 40 

- Smoking cessation 

- Underperforming executives

Rhonda Kerlew


As a Registered Nurse, Senior Habit and Personal Performance Practitioner, I am deeply inspired by supporting others to REDEFINE their boundaries, REIMAGINE their limits, and REDESIGN how they move through their lives.


- Business 

- Personal Development 

- Lifestyle Changes

Tamika Jones

Karratha, Australia

Living a life of balance, in-line with ones core values, is important for sustaining a healthy and positive mindset. Driven to support professionals, in high performance roles, to find balance through personal development, planning and habit formation.