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We offer the most comprehensive habit change course available.


You can apply your habit change skills to all areas of life... health, wellness, business, productivity, sustainability, relationships etc.


Our courses offer only evidence-based information so you can be confident that your learning is supported by high-quality research.


Once you complete the course requirements, you will be certified as a Habit Practitioner, or Advanced Habit Practitioner.


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Hello, I'm Dr. Gina Cleo

Habit Researcher | Author | Founder

I started my career as a dietitian, mainly working with clients who wanted to improve their health and wellbeing. I soon realised that unless people sustained their behaviour, they would only achieve short-term success...this started my fascination for habits.


Why do we lose motivation? Why do 90% of New Year’s Resolutions fail? How do we reach and maintain our goals?

We’ve been told that success requires big changes (the ‘go hard or go home’ mentality), but it's actually the simple actions, repeated over time, that will determine the life you lead. Our habits are the invisible blueprint of our life and we have the power to change them.

I’ve conducted habit-based research studies, published multiple scientific articles and presented at conferences around the world. I’m thrilled to bring you the Habit Practitioner program (it’s been years in the making).

Learning the skill of habit change truly changed my life and I’m confident it will change yours and your client's too.



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First we make our habits, then our habits make us

- Charles C. Noble

Rocky Mountains


Habit Change Practitioner_ Dr Gina Cleo

24 hrs | 6 week course

This interactive science-based course is the most comprehensive habit course available.

On completion of the course requirements, you will be certified as a Habit Practitioner.

Habit Change Practitioner_ Dr Gina Cleo

Habit Practitioner
Advanced Habit Practitioner

32 hrs | 8 week course

Sign up for both courses and save 20% off the price.

This popular package deal enrols you for the Habit Practitioner and Advanced Habit Practitioner LIVE courses.

Habit Change Practitioner_ Dr Gina Cleo

8 hrs | 2 week course

Take your habit change skills to the next level and become an Advanced Habit Practitioner.

This Advanced course is only available for those who have completed the Habit Practitioner program.


Performance Coach, USA

This course was powerful, educational, professional and practical. I'm so grateful I found it.

Corporate Coach, Aus

Really excited to be trained by Dr. Gina Cleo and become a Certified Habit Practitioner! I have worked with Dr Cleo’s evidence with clients for almost 2 yrs. Her evidence-based approach is outstanding - as are her teaching methods! Loved the course and can’t wait to share my deeper habit change knowledge with all with my clients.

Dietitian, UK

The Habit Practitioner program was absolutely mind blowing! Every module provides fascinating content and very useful information. I loved it.

Health Coach, Aus

I have always been curious about why people behave the way they do and this has underpinned my work so far, but this knowledge as a Habit Practitioner is deepening my understanding and strengthening my ability to bring about more significant and long-lasting change. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity and look forward to continued learning from and sharing with this new community of friends and practitioners.




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